April 5, 2009 at 7:13 pm (Gamer's Corner)


Here it is. My favorite gaming console. Why? I’m a fan of Sony. I’m a self proclaimed game geek (and proud of it!) I know there are way to many people out there comparing PS3 to Xbox 360. I hate that, i’m sure both machines are equal in some way, shape or form. Except for maybe the fact that on release, almost 60% of xbox 360’s sold had bunk power supply’s (and they’re made by microsoft).


I am glad i bought mine before sony made one of the DUMBEST moves of all time. Lets release a game console with amazing potential….we’ll give you 3 different versions to choose from to suit your needs, plus throw in a bunch of sweet bells and whistles. Now…..a year or two later, lets take away the backwards compatibility, and i think you have to many bells, so we’ll take some of those away too. ugh.



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