Pea Soup?!? WTF?

April 5, 2009 at 7:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Ever had one of those moments, when something pops into your head and before you can think about it…it’s flying out of your mouth. Had one of those the other day.

There i am sitting at my desk, working on a daily project…and out of my mouth comes the words “Pea Soup!” in a low and raspy voice. What the hell?! I’m not crazy i swear…however….here’s the best part, The guy that sits next to me cracks up laughing, probably because it sounded pretty frickin funny…but even more so because he knew exactly where i had got it from! LOL.

The little blurb erupted from my brain from a memory of a disney movie i saw almost 20 years ago. The Rescuers Down Under. Tell me…what are the odds of that? I’m gonna buy a lottery ticket…….

7:05 into the clip is the part in question. LOL! Still laughing about it.


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