Hello! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Corey Currah. I Have lived most of my life in Saskatoon, SK. I was recently introduced to the “Blog” scene, so i decided what the hell, why not. I honestly haven’t the foggiest idea of what will end up here, but if you see anything interesting, please, feel free to leave your comments or questions.

So lets see…I’m married to a wonderful girl, and we recently found out that we have a baby on the way!! Woohoo!! It’s still really early into it, but we are both EXTREMELY excited. Everyone always says that before you know it…your kids are grown up and wreaking havoc on the streets. That must be after they’re born, because these last 9 weeks have just c r a w l e d by. Must be the anticipation. Go figure.

8 years ago I was diagnosed with  anxiety/panic disorder. I have to say, anyone who has ever had to deal with this, you’re not alone. I have been managing it quite well for the last 3 years, but there were times before that, i couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, but this story is a whole new page in itself….so.

I have been a graphic designer for the last 10 years. I love my job!! i have worked for 3 different firms, and they keep getting better and better. I couldn’t wish for a better carreer!

Thats enough for now. Sometimes this old timer rambles on…..Enjoy the rest of the site!


1 Comment

  1. Nathan Walker said,

    Hey bud – nice write-up! Congrats on the blog, lookin good. Now I can really watch your every move 😉

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