April 5, 2009 at 7:13 pm (Gamer's Corner)


Here it is. My favorite gaming console. Why? I’m a fan of Sony. I’m a self proclaimed game geek (and proud of it!) I know there are way to many people out there comparing PS3 to Xbox 360. I hate that, i’m sure both machines are equal in some way, shape or form. Except for maybe the fact that on release, almost 60% of xbox 360’s sold had bunk power supply’s (and they’re made by microsoft).


I am glad i bought mine before sony made one of the DUMBEST moves of all time. Lets release a game console with amazing potential….we’ll give you 3 different versions to choose from to suit your needs, plus throw in a bunch of sweet bells and whistles. Now…..a year or two later, lets take away the backwards compatibility, and i think you have to many bells, so we’ll take some of those away too. ugh.



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A few “Must Play” classics

April 5, 2009 at 6:57 pm (Gamer's Corner) ()

secret_of_mana_boxSecret of Mana – SNES

Too much fun! I have yet to find a similar rpg for any console. The live action combat style is what does it for me. Most rpg’s i’ve played all have the classic turn based style…which is ok, but in my opinion this is better.

Its fairly linear in play, but the story line is great, the graphics are very nice (as much as the SNES can produce) and it won’t take 4 hours to finish! I’d say its a good 30 – 40 hours. So if you’re looking for some classic fun, it’s a winner.


The Legend of Zelda – a Link to the Past

Yeah i know…another snes game, yet another classic.  Still my favourite Zelda game. I’ve played through this one probably 50 times, and can still pick it up and not get bored. Looks great, and embodies everything that a Zelda game should be.


Final Fantasy 7

All I can say is….WOW! Your have no business playing games if you haven’t tried this one, LOL!

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